Neesh Introduces Fragrances to Celebrate all the Moms this Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to give gifts to the special women who care for us day in and day out. Every mom has unique preferences and interests, and it can feel impossible to find a gift that shows these women the love and gratitude that they deserve.

Perfume is a timeless gift for special occasions. Many people have a signature scent, but others are like a little variety in their perfume lineups. Consider offering a variety of perfumes in different sizes to suit different gift-giving needs. Larger bottles are great for those who love their signature scent, but travel-size perfumes are a great grab for those who are on the go or like to mix things up.

NEESH™, a haute perfumery house, conceived in 1905 and remodeled in 2014, is a luxury brand introducing a wide range of luxury fragrances that translates people’s personas and moods to scents. With an ethos of blending story-rich fragrances, the brand reaches out to the unique elements – integrating its patrons’ and their interests’ spirit in a bottle of perfume. Headquartered in Paris & India, the brand understands the alchemy of essence that can craft fragrances evoking the most intimate memories and open the senses to distant worlds.

Bringing the spirit of France in fancy perfumery, NEESH™ introduces a palette of master perfumers like Christophe Raynaud & Nanako Ogi to introduce compliment-garnering fragrances in an intense, Extrait De Parfum concentration. Offering fragrances ranging from Pashmina, Mehr, Glazed Water, Milky Way, Oriental Leather and Aqua Vetiver amongst others, the venture is creating a whole new space for perfumes across the global map while celebrating its patrons in every layer of fragrance.

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