New Summer Collection of Chic Jewellery and Hair Accessories from Rainbow Hues

Rainbow Hues, an online wonderland for chic jewellery and hair accessories, has launched ‘REBEL Summer Collection’ – a cool and unique range of fashion jewellery and hair accessories to take on the summer in style. Some of the popular designs of the collection include earrings inspired by watermelon, lime, lemon and a range of ice-cream themes.The collection also includes unique Snowglobe and Dolphin themed earrings and a stylish Rainbow Organza Confetti Pom Pom Scrunchie.

Speaking about the collection, Rebecca M Fernandes, Co-Founder, Rainbow Hues
said, ” Rainbow Hues is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and aims to create a unique range of fashion jewellery and hair accessories, handcrafted with colourful beads, shells, stones, acrylic and resin. The REBEL Summer Collection is designed to be a fun and quirky collection to help one look cool and stylish to complement the vivid colours of summer. We concentrate on unique products that will appeal to people in a way that defines them, so that they can flaunt their personality and remain fashionable at the same time.”

Rainbow Hues specialises in uniquely handcrafted and originally themed jewellery and fashion accessories made from quality raw materials by highly skilled artisans and is available

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