Numero Uno’s “Conscious” Collection Encouraging Plantation

The brand-new collection of Numero Uno named “Conscious” has taken another positive step towards supporting nature to sustain its greenery.
With the help of Conscious collection, NU is working with its community for growing new plants in a unique way.
NU’s special green tags; made from eco-friendly , plantable Seed Paper, are purposely created for uplifting plantations. Hence, every product from the Conscious collection will have a green tag that customers can use for making their surroundings greener.

“The “Conscious” collection’s green tags are going to help the NU community to play a collective role towards nature conservation which is more important than any project at the moment,” said ABC.

The process of using green tags is absolutely simple. Instead of just throwing away, the seed paper tag needs to be placed in moist soil. With some amount of patience , whole lot of love & watering in a proper manner, the embedded seeds will germinate and start sprouting seedlings.

Eventually the paper will decompose and seedlings will grow into mature plants.

“At NU, we always look to find different ways to take ourselves close to nature. We do take away a lot of things from nature, it is now our time to give something back and what better way to do it than with our NU family,” added ABC.

With every purchase from this new collection, a new plant can be grown.

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