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Stargate Club is currently the fastest-growing real-time fashion platform in India. We are bringing the trendiest styles from all over the globe at affordable prices in the country.

Our Story: The landscape of fashion is transforming & India is witnessing huge consumption growth. The apparel industry itself is growing at 18% CAGR and would be a $100 Bn markets by 2025. Stargate Club believes that the fashion ecosystem in India has not kept pace with the demands of the new generation. Millennials & GenZ are experiencing a trend lag in fashion because of repetitive styles and limited catalogue selection. Our vision hence is to curate a collection of super fresh styles every week from factories across the world and reduce the time within which the trends reach the end consumers. We aim to create a technology platform that curates clothing options that strike a perfect balance between inexpensive and stylish for our young buyers.

Our USP: What sets us apart is the feature of curation. Consumers with a knack for fashion can come on the platform and create their own micro store. They can pick from thousands of styles available on the platform and curate their micro store and earn rewards.

Facts and figures: Per day orders on the platform have risen by 60% in the last quarter. Most of these are coming from consumers between 18-25 yrs. Our private label – BelleRUE, a womenswear brand bagging over 1000 global styles between the price band Rs 500 – Rs 1200 is a favourite on the app especially among the millennials and GenZs who are craving fresh & trendy fashion. Sugar Rush is our private label catering to kids.

Founded in 2020 Stargate Club aims to maintain a catalogue of 20,000 styles for womenswear as well as kids wear by 2022. We are also excited to launch our menswear label “GRUS” carrying a huge catalogue of trending and affordable styles by 2022.

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