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The face of beauty has changed. The rule now is to celebrate all skin tones, all shapes and sizes. Beauty is intangible. It grows from strength to strength as a woman ages. Beauty can be about her personality—her grace in a tough situation, her sense of humour and, above all, her confidence. It’s her self-reliance, her career, the pride she takes in herself. It is how she feels: a combination of what’s inside and what’s outside that makes up the best version of her. The global standard of contemporary beauty is a healthy mix of everything that has just been saying.

Studiowest by Westside, announced the launch of their newest campaign #ThisIsMe, featuring real women showcasing their fashion and style. Studiowest has always celebrated every woman and man who enjoys being themselves. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and with the new campaign, the brand is once again putting the spotlight on women who embrace their power and lead with uniqueness.

The campaign features a series of brand videos with women from different walks of life, talking about how their personality is reflected in their choice of makeup from the Studiowest range. They are unapologetic about their style and are comfortable in their own skin, flaunting their boldness with pride.

Talking about the campaign, Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer, Westside said, “Studiowest by Westside has always addressed the concerns of everyday women. However, with #ThisIsMe, we want to bring alive the fun side of makeup and celebrate women who are so effortlessly breaking barriers by just being who they are. We don’t want to change the way someone looks, instead, we want to make them feel amazing with products that just enhance what they are already rocking.”

The videos feature Haima (@haima_simoes), Revati (@revs_0407), Naisha (@naishabhargabi), and Elyseah (@elyseahh) and put the spotlight on Studiowest cosmetics.

The films showcase their individuality while creating looks with essential blacks, colour pop & nude Sparkle!

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