Introduces Andre Mouche Collection in India


Nothing surpasses the remarkable elegance of a finely designed watch; therefore, luxury timepieces will always be an important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe and would never go out of fashion. For the first time in India, Swisswatchcompany. in, an online boutique store, known for its line of unique Swiss watch brands, has now introduced Andre Mouche.

Since 1961, Andre Mouche, a family-owned Swiss designer business has provided expertise to the creation of hand-made timepieces, specifically with enamel installation. Andre Mouche maintains the exclusivity of its complete line by manufacturing timepieces entirely in its facility in Fahy, Switzerland’s Jura area.

At André Mouche, the watchmakers bring the touch of the craftsman to each piece. The skilled craftsmen delicately apply lacquer, varnish or gold flecks using fine brushes. Elaborating each piece takes patience and mastery, which distinguishes the collection from the others watch brands.

The collection timepieces are made in 18-carat yellow gold to give a magnificent touch. Recently, they have also used palladium, a valuable metal of the platinum family, which has gained popularity as when polished, shines with a natural brilliance of the utmost beauty. Swarovski crystals, with their elegance and beauty, have also been an essential element of the Andre Mouche watch collection.

Andre Mouche watches are one-of-a-kind creations with meticulous craftsmanship, tradition, and a focus on continual aesthetic innovation, which has been the company’s signature since its inception.

As the festive season is approaching and gifting is an essential part, a premium timepiece remains a treasured possession and an emotional investment for their loved ones. Such a beautiful watch will add to your style statement while providing you the time.

Andre Mouche collections can be ordered from the online store ( with prices ranging from INR 18900 to INR 57870

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