TAGG Launches the Ultimate Fitness Solution – Verve Plus Smartwatch on Flipkart at 1,899 INR


TAGG, a leading homegrown tech-driven electronics brand, is launching TAGG Verve Plus, the ultimate health and fitness solution and a smarter version of TAGG Verve powered by Realtek Chipset equipped with Sense+TM Technology. The smartwatch is launched today i.e., 18th October and will be available on Flipkart at a special launch price of Rs. 1,899.

After launching TAGG Verve Ultra, a fashionable smartwatch that became the Top-Selling Product in the Smartwatch Category on Amazon India during the first day of the launch. TAGG is all set to introduce a BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER version of Verve i.e TAGG Verve Plus.

It’s time to make your health a priority and place it ahead of your lifestyle with TAGG Verve Plus. It is powered by the Realtek Chipset for improved performance, better accuracy and UI fluidity. The watch also gloats Sense+TM Technology to give you accurate biometric readings.

Buy now link for TAGG Verve Plus: https://bit.ly/3BYnKvq
TAGG Verve Plus – Your perfect workout partner for a healthier lifestyle

Designed for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, TAGG Verve Plus is your perfect workout partner with 16 Sports Mode. It’s light and sporty, fashionable yet affordable, TAGG Verve Plus is here to make your life easy. TAGG Verve Plus is here with solutions to all fitness and health-related problems. It is equipped with crucial health tracking like 24×7 Body Temperature, Real-Time SpO2, and Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring. Other features include Sleep Tracking, Female Health Tracking, and Goal Tracker etc. which will help in staying fit and active.

TAGG Verve Plus has an activity tracker, which keeps track of your goals and sends you notifications when achieved. The 16 Sports Mode can track your daily activities with steps, calories, distance and active hours. The watch is designed to keep the youth in mind with fitness goals.

16 Sports mode – TAGG Verve Plus is equipped with daily tracking activities along with 16 sports modes which include Cycling, Skipping, Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Hiking, Walking, Basketball, Football, Dancing, Yoga, Sit Up, Indoor Running, Outdoor Running.

Ultra-Wide Display – A 1.69” Ultra-Wide IPS-LCD display delivers an explicit image that gives you a distinctive viewing experience. With 240×280 pixel resolution and 500 Nits, one can have an easy glance at the activities while working out in broad daylight. TAGG Verve Plus features multiple watch faces which makes the smartwatch more stylish.

Variants – The smartwatch will be available in 3 Dial Colours – Silver, Black, and Golden with 16+ variants of straps while the app supports both Android and iOS.

IP68 Water-Resistance – Love swimming? Need a partner? No more worries, TAGG Verve Plus is here with water resistance up to IP68 to record your moments even when you are enjoying in the pool.

Temperature Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Heart Rate Sensor and Sleep Tracker – Apart from being a fitness tracker, TAGG Verve Plus provides a complete healthcare solution with a Heart Rate Sensor that monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day. The smartwatch monitors your body temperature 24X7. It also has SpO2 measurement as well that measures blood oxygen saturation. As promised, TAGG Verve Plus is for those who give priority to health first, so it also monitors the sleep quality so no one will compromise their health for work.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker – Keeping Women’s health in mind, TAGG Verve Plus tracks menstrual cycles so one can concentrate on other important tasks and give their worries to the smartwatch tracker.

Ultra Lightweight with up to 10-days Battery Life – TAGG Verve Plus weighs only 27 grams, when fully charged, one can practice all activities for up to 10 days, uninterrupted.

Additional Features – Apart from the features mentioned above, it has a remote camera and a music player for ease of access.

In addition to this, TAGG Verve Plus has SMS and Call Alerts that can help you take just the important calls, 5 days weather forecast, a timer, a stopwatch to keep a track of your activities, and a torch. TAGG Verve Plus comes with a 12 monthly warranty, what else do you need?

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