Tata Play Beauty brings top wedding makeup hacks and tips for all the brides this wedding season

Tata Play Beauty Value Added Offering has curated the top makeup hacks from their top makeup artists.

India will see a total of 3.8 Mn weddings between Nov 2023 to Jan 2024. Don’t be bogged down by the numbers here, Tata Play Beauty Value Added Offering has curated the top makeup hacks from their top makeup artists. Unlock the secrets to flawless beauty with the ultimate guide to makeup mastery! Whether you’re the blushing bride or a radiant bridesmaid, we’ve curated a list of mesmerising wedding special makeup looks and ingenious hacks that will leave you feeling like the star at yours or your loved one’s wedding. Get ready to transform into the most captivating version of yourself with our exclusive Tata Play Beauty guide, where beauty meets celebration!

DIY Wedding Makeup by Kashika Kapur Anand

Tip 1- Moisturise: Your makeup may look patchy if your skin is dehydrated. So, make sure to massage the moisturiser properly into the skin for a flawless base for your makeup.

Tip 2- Don’t forget the neck: Never forget to apply your moisturiser, foundation and everything to your neck as well.

Tip 3- Always Build Up: While applying foundation, if you want more coverage do not use a lot of the foundation and apply at once, instead build a second layer over the first one.

2. Pool party wedding look by Nitya Bajaj

Pool party wedding look by Nitya Bajaj

Tip 1- Choose comfort over Style: For a destination wedding, you should use garments which are very easy to wear, having less baggage weight

Tip 2- Choose clothes that don’t stick: You should wear wrinkle-free and waterproof garments that are more practical and fun for parties.

Tip 3- Choose Colours over whites and pastels: Try to avoid white colour garments because it is a little tricky at pool parties.

3. Indian Bridal look by Shaanmu

Indian Bridal look by Shaanmu

Tip 1- Eye Primers are In the season: While using eye primer, use the same colour on the undereye so that the pigment colour looks full.

Tip 2- Switch to gel eye liners: Using gel eyeliner will give a nice and dark intensity to your smokey eye look.

Tip 3- Don’t underestimate the power of simple kajal: If your kajal gets hard and strong while using it, you can melt it using your body temperature or a heater.

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