Use color extension, without damaging your real hair

If you want to change up your colour but don’t want to make a big change, hairstreaks can be the style you didn’t know you wanted. Hairstreaks can be striking if you choose a bright colour and a forceful style, or they can be more relaxed. That’s the beauty of this look: you can personalise your highlights in whatever way you desire!

We’re obsessed with hair streaks right now, so we’ve compiled some inspirational ideas ranging from the subtly subtle to the edgy and flamboyant. If you’re looking for how to dye streaks in hair, consider having your colourist assist you in achieving this look, as it can be difficult to do.

Blue Hair

Blue hair is one of our all-time favourite hair colour trends. However, if you don’t want to dye your entire head of hair blue, hair colour streaks can be a fun alternative to consider. Just make an effort to work an extra day or two between hair washing. This extra time will ensure that your colour remains vivid and saturated. On those in-between days, use dry shampoo, such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo, to rejuvenate your hair. This dry shampoo will absorb grease without affecting your new hair colour!

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Try strong strawberry blonde streaks to liven up light brown hair. We like this colour since it isn’t exactly auburn, rose gold, or ginger. Instead, its vibrant orange colour provides warmth and complexity to your ensemble. When going for this brilliant shade, make sure to consult with a seasoned colourist to ensure you get the precise colour you want.

Blonde Streaks: Highlights and Lowlights

Try a mixed combination of highlights and lowlights for a more natural look. This creates a multi-dimensional look regardless of the hue you use.

Caramel Highlights

This collection of streaks on hair with bright caramel highlights is a dream come true. For this highlighted effect, the thicker the better.

Two-Toned Streaks

Isn’t this two-toned appearance cool? With a focus on pastel colours, this trendy colour-block design is ideal for those who are prepared to go the additional mile for something special. This is a high-maintenance hue, so make sure you’re using a moisturising and colour-protecting mask.

Thick Blonde Bangs

This look is less streaky and more akin to a colour-block hairdo. Adding blonde streaks throughout will help to give a more blended overall look.

Fun Pink Streaks

Why not add some gorgeous pink streaks to your look? This look is ideal for individuals who don’t want to go all-in on pink but still want to stand out in a crowd.

Inputs by- Ms Japna Gambhir, Founder of Majestic Hair By Japnah

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