Vedix brings best of Ayurveda; launches all new Bodycare range

India’s largest customised Ayurveda beauty brand Vedix announces the launch of Body Care range. The range will include 8 products which will come in 2 fragrances – Lavender Bloom and Kesar Bliss. The range includes Body oil, Body scrub, Body wash and body lotion. Vedix aims to become a one stop shop for all beauty needs for its customers. The brand already has customised skin and hair care range. Body care range will ensure a complete solution for all beauty needs.

Ayurveda is a delightful combination of health and beauty. The scientifically accurate daily routine (Dinacharya) practices of Ayurveda, upkeep your skin and hair gloriously beaming in good health. Setting up good daily routines is the first step to health. And, Vedix has been successfully helping customers find customized hair and skin routines, based on their Prakriti and goals. Now, we are extending the magnanimous wisdom of Ayurveda to the body because good health should be impartially extended to all.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix says, “Face and hair care are often prioritized, owing to the attention they get. But having an effective body care routine is often neglected. Having a healthy body care routine helps the skin remain firm and ageless. While the skin remains immune to diseases, pollution and environmental stress, indulgent self-care fortifies mental health. We believe a complete body care ritual will bring the best of Ayurveda benefits to millions of our customers.”

Vedix Bodycare range is now available on the top marketplaces and

Vedix Body care range is customized based on the fragrance experience. The right aromatic notes elevate your skin feel and evince your persona while delivering the benefits of ayurvedic herbs. The brand has launched Lavender Bloom and Kesar Bliss.

Lavender Bloom: Lavender relaxes the nerves and allays anxiety. Lavender is associated with healing and calming energies. Vedix Lavender Bloom body oil is a blend of cold-pressed herbal oils. Pure Elaichi and Jatamnsi oil soothe the skin. Udumbar, Vata and Peepal oils nourish and promote skin healing and repair. Sesame oil strengthens the skin, making it toned and taut, while the nourishing coconut oil softens the texture.

The body lotion is customised based on skin type. Brahmi, Almond and Shallaki together are a strong antioxidant blended in the lotions.

Kesar Bliss: Kesar is associated with invigorating energies. The Kesar bliss body oil comprises Hemp, Ylang Ylang and Myrrh. These oils tone the skin, promote circulation and keep the skin youthful. Sesame oil keeps the skin thin and supple while maintaining its elasticity. Coconut oil enriches the skin with vitamin E and lauric acid, leaving it glowing radiant.

The Body wash contains Manjishtha, Licorice and Kesar. In combination with a gentle hydrating formula, the body wash exalts the dewy glow. The Body lotion containing Kesar, Lodhra and Licorice, delivers complexion-enhancing potentials. The layering Kesar notes leave the skin blissfully energized to take charge of the day.

As Vedix continues to add new products to its portfolio, the business growth trajectory of the brand is on an upswing. The brand formally launched its operations in large international markets like the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Vedix is expected to enter 10 more countries in the next 3 months.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix, adds, “Vedix has become synonymous with bringing the goodness of Ayurveda to the masses in a modern format. Internationally, the customers have a clear preference for organic ayurvedic products. Our vision is to built Vedix as one of the most popular brand globally in the beauty sector.”

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