X Easy Ways to Style Digital Watches for Women


A woman’s watch is more than a timepiece; the type of watch that graces a woman’s wrists is a reflection of her style, persona and grace that adds to a woman’s personality in more ways than one. For centuries, watches have played the role of an heirloom that’s been passed on from one generation to another, making them an invaluable item. A watch holds a very special place in a woman’s life that can’t be replaced, so it’s important to choose one that tells your story and reflects your unique style and personality.

So, if you want to choose that perfect watch, here are 5 women’s digital watches that can add more than just a dash of style to your life.

Reflex 3.0 Dual Toned Smart Band in Midnight Black & Grey Accent


A woman deserves the freedom to choose, and with 10+ sports modes to choose from, the Reflex 3.0 dual-toned smart band gives you the freedom to be spoilt for choice. The two-tone design and a full touchscreen add to the overall look and functionality of the watch, making it one of the best women’s digital watches out there.

Trendies Grey Dial Plastic Strap Watch


Yellow is one of the coolest colours this season since it just pops out like none other. The yellow strap on this watch will grab attention from a mile away and make heads turn while you walk down the road, and the digital display with local time, day along with world time, and a handy alarm feature makes it one of the best women’s digital watches that will make you the centre of attention no matter where you go.

Grey Dial Black Plastic Strap Watch


The watch offers easy time reading with an hourly time arrangement and features pink alphabets all around the dial, with two push buttons to ease time adjustment. This women’s digital watch features an alarm, 3EL backlight and a stopwatch feature.

Grey Dial Blue Plastic Strap Watch


This watch comes with a grey dial that’s enclosed within a round-shaped plastic case with alphabets neatly placed all around the dial for easy viewing and features hourly time arrangement allowing for easier time reading. The push butting present on the watch makes it very easy to adjust the time, and the handy alarm feature with a 3EL backlight and stopwatch makes it a functional watch for every occasion.

Red Plastic Strap Watch


Red on black is the feistiest of colour combinations you can go for, and if you like to make a statement, then this is the watch that can best do it for you. The watch comes with an alarm, 3EL backlight and stopwatch to complete the overall look and functionality of the watch.

Digital watches are all the rage these days because they are more than a timepiece and come loaded with features that a normal analogue watch lacks. Moreover, they come in a variety of colour combinations and functional features that make them a killer accessory you need to have on you whenever you are out to make things happen. If you are on the lookout for a watch, these 5 women’s digital watches can perfectly complement your style statement, but if you want, you can take a look at Titan’s website to check out super stylish digital watches from Fastrack, Sonata and Titan watches that are the absolute best in style and substance.

It’s all about the look these days and what you wear is what people think of you, so it’s best to make choices that give you an edge and makes you a league apart from your peers. It’s time to create your statement, so do it right with a watch that is more than just a timepiece.

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