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Behavioural changes due to brain tumour- How to spot them?

Behavioural changes due to brain tumour- How to spot them?

Our brain is a master and it controls the exertions of all the other organs. Have you ever thought about surviving with a non-functional brain? You better don’t because it is next to impossible. Well, an infirmity that occurs in one’s brain will cause a lot of trouble in his body and behaviour. Brain tumours bring about a lot of change in one’s behaviour and in this article, we will discuss what are those changes.

1) Aggression: Brain tumour causes a bit more irritability and aggression towards anything within no time. A person has to consult a doctor when he senses frequent irritation and fast anger.

2) Loss of restraints: When one gets hit by a brain tumour, he or she will start behaving unconsciously in public. They leave apart their shyness and will lose control over their deeds and actions. This is a very self pulling behavioural change that we encounter in a person who is in early stages of brain tumour.

3) Loss of memory: Forgetting things and getting thrown into a state of confusion, is another behavioural change one encounters in a person who has any staged brain tumour. When one feels he or she is frequently forgetting things, especially the daily stuff then they must consult a doctor to make sure that it doesn’t lead to something more worse.

4) High levels of anxiety: If a person is a few stages away from a brain tumour, he or she will experience a feeling of uneasiness and stress. Of course, anxiety in common in every individual but the kind of fear which comes with a brain tumour is high and it would be better if identified in the early stages.

5) Mood swings: It is healthy to experience some regular mood swings or changes in one’s mood. But imagine if your mood changes each and every minute and you can’t do anything about that. Well, that is another crucial body behavioural change found in people having a tumour in their brains.

6) Bad planning: In regular days we plan and organize things as per our convenience and its natural in failing to meet our plan sometimes. But when there is a tumour in a person’s brain, his way of planning will be totally different and crummy. If a person is likely to suffer from a brain tumour, he or she will experience this change in their life.

7) Lack of motivation: If a person is in the early stages of brain tumour, he or she will experience a phase where they lose hope on life, care about nothing and will not take anything quite seriously. This leads to lack of confidence and motivation in them. Apathy is the other behavioural change that a brain tumour patient encounters.

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8) Depression: Being depressed or experiencing a phase of depression is normal. But what if a person stays depressed the whole time he or she is awake. This is quite a problem right? In that case, that person might have the chances of being touched with a brain tumour and it is very important to go consult a doctor when they experience such behavioural change in themselves.

Well, these were some of the top-most and the most regularized symptoms or behavioural changes, seen in a patient suffering from a brain tumour. Please make sure that you go and visit a doctor if you feel you have any of these changes prevailing in your own body. This is not something that you can neglect as it can even take you away.  A regular follow-up checkup might also help you identify if any tumour is existing in your brain.

Article by – Mr Satkam Divya, CEO, KlinicApp. 

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