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Best and healthy sleeping position

Best and healthy sleeping position

Sleeping is all we needed at the end of the day!

Sleeping is the foremost thing for the human body in the day to day life. Good sleep can give you a good start the next morning. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is all we humans needed in our life. Perhaps your irregular bedtime can mess your health in unexpected ways. Experts declare that your preferred sleeping positions may give rise to back and neck pain, tummy troubles and even premature wrinkles. As of now, discover the right sleeping position and do follow the right positions regularly.

The healthy sleeping positions:

  1. Back Position: Sleeping on your back will be easy for your head, neck, and spine to maintain a neutral position. Black sleeping will also avert wrinkles because nothing is pushing against your face and the weight of the breast is supported by reducing sagginess, explains Dee Anna Glaser, MD, a professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University.
  2. Back Sleepers: It is advisable that back sleepers must use the puffy pillows and their goal is to place the head up too much. “Snoring is usually most frequent and severe when sleeping on the back,” says Dr. Olson.
  3. Side position: This position will prevent your neck and back pain and also helps in snoring less and adds sleeping during pregnancy. Side sleeping is great for overall health as it helps in reducing snoring and keeps your spine elongated. If you are struggling with acid reflux, then the best position to sleeping is to sleep on your back. The side sleepers should also use a perfect pillow to sleep. The best pillows for the side sleepers are thick and firm which helps in spine alignment as you sleep. Women who are pregnant can consider side sleeping.
  4. Fetal positions: When you snooze with your knees pulled high and chin tucked into your chest, you may feel uneasiness in the morning. It is bad for the neck and back and it gives wrinkles too. It is best to use a plump pillow for this type of fetal sleepers.
  5. The worst is the stomach position: This is totally bad for the back and neck part of your body. It will be difficult to maintain a neutral position with the spine as per the studies. In this particular position, you may place your head on one side for hours but you may not feel it the next day. It may start to ache sooner or later. The best pillows for stomach sleepers are thin one and also you can use 3 inches of the thick pillow which will maintain the spine alignment while you sleep.

So, it will be good if you do not sleep in one particular position for hours. By changing your sleeping positions, the back and neck pains may get prevented. It is highly recommended to change the sleeping positions at least for every 4 hours. However, it may help in good and healthy sleep with the refreshable morning.

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Practice good sleeping position and enjoy a healthy sleep!

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