Bharathirajaa to start film institute!

The name of the institution 'BRIIC' stands for 'Bharathiraaja International Institute of Cinema'
Bharathirajaa to start film institute!
The iconic filmmaker of Indian Film Industry “Iyakkunar Imayam” Bharathirajaa has reached out to millions & millions through his realistic and sensitive portrayal of Human life in his movies.  With Six National Awards & numerous State Awards that decorated his art of storytelling, the brand Bharathirajaa is still prevalent among the new breed of filmmakers in Picturising Songs & in Poignantly Characterizing emotions through the film.
He has introduced many aspirants to movie industry which includes;
Actors – Radhika Sarathkumar, Karthik, Radha, Revathi, Nepolean, Ranjitha, Koundamani, Janagaraj, Aruna, Vijayashanthi, Nizhalgal Ravi, Rekha, Ranjitha, Priyamani, Kajol Agarwal, (late) Pandiyan
Directors – Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Manivannan, N V Nirmal Kumar (Thothathri), Chithralakshmanan, Seeman, Leenamanimekkalai, K Dandapani, Bharathikrishnakumar.
Technicians – Lyrcist Vairamuthu, Editors Mohanraj and Palanivel, Cinematographers Nivas, B.Kannan, Dhanabalan, Designer Sasi and the list goes on………
Few of the top Actors;  Sivaji Ganesan, Rajinikanth, Kamala Hasan, Satyaraj, Sridevi, Vijaykanth, Vijaykumar, Janagaraj, Koundamani and others., have had the privilege of working in Director Bharathirajaa’s realistic celluloid creations which have been instrumental in creating a game changing performance in their lifetime.
Bharathi Inner
Now “Iyakkunar Imayam” Bharathirajaa wanted an organized platform like an academy to groom them with the best professional standards that the Film Industry was really wanting. That was when the idea of  “BRIIC” Conceptualized. “BRIIC” stands for “Bharathiraaja International Institute of Cinema”
Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Editing & Compositing, Editing & VFX, Sound Design, Production Design / Art Direction & Set Designing, and we are also introducing courses in “Stunt Direction” & “Choreography”., in the future we have plans to start many more courses that form the vital process of the complete making of Cinema.
These are the training will be given to students by “BRIIC”. All students will be trained by the pioneer and masters of cinema industry who has years and years of experience. Combining Experience with the latest technology, the course will be an eye catcher and eye-opener for the students.
The Vice President of Bharathidasan University “Mr. Muthukumar”, Director Mahendran, Director Maniratnam, Director Priyadarshan, Director Rajiv Menon, Kavingar Vairamuthu, Director Gangai Amaran, Actress Radhika Sarathkumar and Director & Actress Suhasini Maniratnam includes the honorary consultants of “Bharathirajaa International Institute of Cinema” (BRIIC)
The Courses at “BRIIC” are designed to grow the skills, introducing to new techniques, and preparing to hit the ground running when film students begin their career. As “BRIIC” equips students with the tools they need to become successful, and as a film student, if they make the right move, they will become a famous Director or a Technician.
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