Bubbling market!

Tamilnadu holds 30% of bubble-top market!
Bubbling market!

At a time of water crises, Tamilnadu has emerged on top in the bubble top market.

‘Tamilnadu holds 30 per cent of the bubble-top market in India, with Chennai leading in sales. The growth has been tremendous and in many ways unprecedented,’ said managing director of Petainer Innopac Packaging Pvt Ltd, Atit Bhatia, upon speaking at the 11 edition water expo held by Water Today in Chennai.

He went on to say that bubble-top market will see 40 per cent growth in the coming years and will become an internal part of people who live in cities very soon.


Bubble Inner


‘Earlier, bubble-tops were needed only for offices and as bulk orders for the water distribution business. Now, however, it has become a take home product with people preferring safe mineral water rather than metro water,’ added Atit Bhatia.

Atit claims that the reason for this growth is because of the quality aspect that bubble-tops provide adding that people nowadays are becoming more quality conscious. Speaking about the products from Petainer Innopac, he said, ‘Big industry players like Bisleri, Parle Agro, SR water, Sabol Mineral water and Repute Enterprises are our customers and our product sales have grown very well. we started only last year in Mumbai and we have moved all over the country now.’

Atit lauded the government for taking huge strides to improve the quality of packaged drinking water.

‘A lot of work has been done by the government bodies and by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to make sure that we deliver safe drinking water and that is always welcome,’ he said.

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