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Burger King to launch in India with no beef on menu

Burger King to launch in India with no beef on menu

Burger King is set to open their first location in India in November with an entirely beef-free menu.

buy Plavix Burger King India, which has opted to dropbeef and pork from its menu in order to respect the religious practices of the Hindus and Muslims Indocin online Retin-A cream that make up most of the country’s population, will be offering Chicken Whopper, a Vegetable Whopper and a Mutton Whopper, Fox News reported.

However, after Burger King India announced the news on their official Facebook page, fast-food lovers in India slammed it for not offering beef and pork whoppers.

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According to the reports, Burger King, which plans on opening 12 outlets in India over the next two to three months, with six in Delhi and six in Mumbai, will open the flagship location in the capital within the month in a popular mall in South Delhi and has been eyeing additional locations in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. 

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