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Kolkata – take a walk on the ‘fishy’ side of Kolkata!

Kolkata – take a walk on the ‘fishy’ side of Kolkata!

Rashgulla, biriyani, bhetkir paturi, shorshe ilish, kabiraji. Come, let us take a walk on the ‘fishy’ side of Kolkata!

As the former capital of British India, Kolkata retains a feast of dramatic colonial architecture, with more than a few fine buildings in photogenic states of semi-collapse. The city still has many slums but is also developing dynamic new-town suburbs, a rash of air-conditioned shopping malls and some of the best restaurants in India. This is a fabulous place to sample the mild, fruity tang of Bengali cuisine and share the city’s passion for sweets.

Friendlier than India’s other mega-cities, Kolkata is really a city you ‘feel’ more than just visit. But don’t go between May and September unless you’re prepared for a very serious drenching.The city is bestowed with so many honors like ‘Cultural Capital of India’, ‘the city of Processions’ and ‘City of Joy’.

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A city of festivals would be the correct synonym for this gorgeous city. Behind the bejeweled doors of each house, incenses hazes, and gleaming flowers wallop with the greenery to herald a flavor of carousing. The air is perfumed with the delicate smell of vermilion, camphor, ghee, the spiky odor of new-fangled clothes and pungent whiff from the kitchen. Thrilled prattle of voices mixes with the timbre of rituals definitely would provide you a great sense of homely feeling.

  1. Queen Victoria Palace- Main attraction of Kolkata
  2. Famous Birla temple in city.
  3. Moving Tram in the road during night.
  4. People travelling in Tram during day.
  5. Car parking in streets in Kolkata (Over platform).
  6. Man pull rickshaw still prevailing in City.
  7. Local bus travelling past the Famous Eden gardens stadium.
  8. Famous Howrah railway station view from Hooghly river
  9. Howrah bridge during day time
  10. Crowded Howrah bridge- People walking in pedestrian platform along the road.
  11. Jewellery manufacturing HUB is in Kolkata
  12. Bangle assembling process.
  13. Karigar blowing with the Pipe to solder the Necklace.
  14. Soldering process of Necklace with Flame.
  15. Science City- Famous tourist spot in Kolkatta
  16. Cable car in Science City
  17. Reflection magic Mirror.
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