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Capture Postcard-Perfect photo with your Smartphone!

Capture Postcard-Perfect photo with your Smartphone!

Capture Postcard-Perfect photo with your Smartphone!

Go from being an amateur to a professional photograph with these pro tips!

Focal point: Choosing a focal point it’s always one the best ways to make landscapes appear more interesting. This could be a tree in the distance, a landmark, or a person. Your focal point could even add an element of story or mystery to your photo.

Creating a sense of depth: At times, beautiful landscapes don’t convert successfully into photography, if the picture doesn’t capture the depth and scale of the landscape. Focus on an object of interest place the foreground like a rock or tree or mountain to enhance the sense of depth. The depth in your photo will make it more engaging and interesting to look at.

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Experiment Different angle: Avoid too many elements in one photo this can be overwhelming to the viewer. Always stick with a minimal background, focus on one part of the landscape. If your photo seems too busy, try changing your position to capture the same subject from a different angle. The most provoking photographs are shot from unexpected angles, so experiment in various position by placing the camera above or below your subject until you find a unique shot.

Check your lighting: Remember that during sunrise and sunset, colours will be warm and golden. Also, the position of the sun during this time creates interesting shadows that will add to your photo. But it doesn’t always have to be sunny to capture that postcard perfect photo. Overcast or rainy weather can create a more dramatic backdrop for your photo.

Shoot with the sun behind you: The sun will light up your entire subject in a flattering way if you shoot with the sun behind you. However, if your focal point is a person, avoid direct sunlight on your subject. Direct sunlight can cause unattractive shadows, as well as squinting.

Hold your phone stable: Don’t have a tripod, that’s alright! Hold the smartphone with your left hand and release the shutter with your right thumb. The camera shutter is only released when you take your thumb off of the camera button. Always remember this function in mind, and try not to move your phone until after you’ve released the button.

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