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Castor Oil to Ward Off Acne!

Castor Oil to Ward Off Acne!

Using Castor Oil to remove acne

Here’s a step-by-step process of using castor oil to successfully act on acne-sensitive skin and prevent any further development. Before you get started, it’s better you do a skin test to check whether castor oil suits your skin.

To check: Steam your face with hot water – to open pores, then apply castor oil on the acne affected area. You can keep it overnight if there’s no reaction. But if you find any reaction, immediately wash your face.

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  • Get a few towels ready and boil some water in a pot. Pour out the water into a pan.
  • Cover your head with the towel and bend your head over the pan of hot water.
  • You will soon find your pores opening up and getting ready for castor oil treatment.
  • Use circular movements to massage the oil into the acne-sensitive spots of your face, shoulders, back, chest and legs.
  • Wet another towel in warm water and wipe your face with it to get rid of the castor oil.
  • Now, bathe your skin with cold water to contract your pores.
  • Wipe your skin dry and top it up with castor oil to moisturize it.

To witness significant change in your skin do this treatment for two weeks. If you want to use it to prevent the further occurrence of acne, you should make sure not to use castor oil for more than a couple of times each week.

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