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Celebrate Christmas with special Parsi menu at Batlivala & Khanabhoy

Celebrate Christmas with special Parsi menu at Batlivala & Khanabhoy

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Chennai, 22nd December 2016: Batlivala & Khanabhoy – The destination restaurant for Parsi cuisine in Chennai will offer a special Parsi meal ‘Sagan nu Bhonu’ that can be enjoyed with loved ones, this Christmas.

‘Sagan-nu-Bhonu’, in a Parsi Home is cooked for celebratory occasions like the New Year, weddings, birthday and festivals. ‘Sagan nu Bhonu’ translated means a food for celebration! The menu, specially curated by the chef to offer a wholesome taste of the cuisine for diners this Christmas comprises of signature delicacies like;

  • Sali Jardaloo Chicken – Tender chicken slow cooked in a sweet and sour tomato gravy with dried apricots and topped with Sali (salty potato sticks)
  • Gosht kebab na pulao with Masala ni Dar – A classic Parsi pulao layered with slow cooked mutton marinated in secret spices, potatoes, eggs, kheema kebabs and fried onions served with masala dal
  • Suran na cutlet – Crispy patties made with yam, Parsi garam masala, whole spices and coriander
  • Ravaiya – Small spiced aubergines stuffed and slow cooked in a thick coriander and Coconut chutney
  • Lagan nu custard – An iconic baked parsi custard made with eggs, milk, sugar and cardamom. Traditionally served at Weddings.,food,drinks,pav,bhajji,snacks


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Popular for their traditional cuisine, Parsis are known for their zest for life. This exclusive set menu is priced at Rs.899 /- (exclusive of taxes) for Non-Vegetarian and Rs. 699 /- (exclusive of taxes) for Vegetarian, respectively. The special menu is available on 24th & 25th December for lunch and dinner.

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