Celebrate meats at Westin’s Surf n’ Turf food festival!

The Surf n' Turf food festival at The Westin Chennai is sure pandering to all the senses.
Celebrate meats at Westin's Surf n' Turf food festival!

Food is one thing that has to be eaten with all the senses. The appearance, texture, flavour, aroma and taste and choice of ingredients, all matter. This is what the chefs at Sunset Grill, The Westin Chennai, in Velacheri, have in mind. The Surf n’ Turf food festival at this restaurant is sure pandering to all the senses.

Open only for dinner, the restaurant has chefs who bring out a wide range of meat and seafood. It all starts with a welcome drink. One can choose from a list of mocktails (the place has stopped serving alcohol after the ban) they have.

However, the in-house specialties are always a delight. The sunset mocktail, named after its appearance, is a mix of orange and cranberry juice laced with pieces of oranges is worth a try.

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Next in line are the different varieties of buns. This is complimentary and is a delight. The buns are made in-house and are very soft.

‘We use lots of milk to get this texture,’ says executive chef, Yatendra Rawat, as he guides us about the must-tries and what the place is famous for.

‘The aim of the festival is to make foodies enjoy the delicacies of meat from the sea and land. We have a wide selection of fish, crabs, eel, squid, prawns and other seafood, apart from meat. One can also choose their own mix of marinades and rubs. The chef will then cook it to your choice,’ he says.

Orange, mustard, herbs, peri peri and paprikas are some of the most used ingredients on the menu.

So how do you go about eating?

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One is, you can choose from the Surf or Turf list. Or opt for the platter, where any three items can be chosen from the surf or the turf list. For those who love sea and land, there is a platter combining both.

A perfectly grilled chicken breast seasoned with paprika and thyme dust is apt for those who love to dig into the soft and tender meat. The peri peri quail is a must try if you are looking for something spicy. The bird has been well marinated and cooked. The juicy meat has a burst of flavours that is welcoming.

The barbeque pork ribs are also a delight. Honey dominates this dish. It was cooked well and difficult to distinguish between the meat and the fat until you start chewing it.

Kabargah lamb chops, Chermoula spiced minute steak and Teriyaki pork chops are some of the other items on the menu.

The list of seafood is even longer. If you love lobster, then the orange, mustard and dill lobster tail is a must try. The meat is seasoned well and is soft. You actually don’t feel the orange flavour as it blends well with the lobster.

The Thai basil jumbo prawns are grilled to perfection. The green sauce used for the seasoning is perfect and has a sweet finish. For crab lovers, the herb crumbed crab cake is a must try. The crab meat is mixed with herbs and masalas and fried crisp. A small bite into this makes you ask for more.

There are also calamari and fish in the menu for those who like to try it.

Well, you don’t eat the main course alone, the restaurant offers a list of accompaniments to go with your meat.

The herbed potato wedges and the garlic pumpkin mash are great sides.

Apart from these, the restaurant also offers kebabs and tikkas with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

They also offer signature steaks and the chefs say the meat is imported and is sure to satisfy the taste buds.

After you are done with the main course, don’t forget to indulge in some of their dessert delights.  

The festival is on till 20 May and is open from 7 pm to 11 pm. Enjoy the Surf n’ Turf festival at Sunset Grill, The Westin Chennai, 154, Velachery Road, Velacheri.

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