Central, Egmore Swachh ranking slids!

Survey involved 407 stations in 16 zonal railways, Kumbakonam comes 40th in national rank!

Railway users have spoken and so has Quality Council of India. The ever-bustling Chennai Central and Egmore railway stations have fared poorly in the Swachh railway survey. While Central is said to have earned a rank of 184 in the survey involving 407 stations, Egmore got the 288th rank.

According to sources, there has been a downslide in the rankings for these two major spots when it comes to cleanliness. The results of the survey were released by the Union Railway Ministry recently.

Of the 407 stations surveyed, about 75 were in ‘A1’ category and about 332 fell in ‘A’ category stations in 16 zonal railways.

The survey was through interviews with respondents face-to-face by the Quality Council of India (QCI). Based on the score out of 1,000, ranks were assigned to all stations in the country.

Station Inner

The respondents were asked to give a rating about the cleanliness of stations objectively on 40 different cleanliness parameters like cleanliness on main entry, main platform, waiting area and parking area. However, the final score was based on three points: Process Audit Score, Direct Observation Score and Citizen Feedback Score.

The citizen feedback score for Chennai Central was higher in the survey than Coimbatore, but the process audit for Chennai Central did not keep it in good esteem. It found that the main platform areas and parking area were not neat while the main entry and waiting rooms were clean. When it comes to Egmore, main entry, platform area and parking area were found to have little neatness during audits.

While other railway stations were also surveyed, it is not so happy to note that no station in Tamilnadu could manage to find a place in the top 25 cleanest railway stations in the country. Kumbakonam railway station is said to have been listed as the cleanest and has been ranked 40. Kovilpatti came second, followed by Mettupalayam and Salem. These were the railway stations from Tamilnadu that were listed among the top 100 across the country.

A railway official attached to the Central station said they were regularly taking action against those littering platforms and tracks. However, co-operation must come from passengers, too. Else it is difficult to achieve the goal of total cleanliness at railway stations, said the official.

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