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D-café, T.nagar

D-café, T.nagar

A café, or a resto café as the modern day places are called, the D-café is located on Bazullah road, near Grand Sweets & Snacks.  At first glance, the place looks like a rustic old house but when you walk in it is quite large with an indoor and outdoor seating area. The place is famous for the bites and drinks, not to mention the eclectic décor.

What sets this café apart from others?

The café is one of those places where you can come sit with your friends or clients and lounge for hours together without being bothered by staff. It was created keeping in mind that people sometimes like to just hang out and unwind. Unlike the other places where you might find a big fat menu or sheets of paper with items listed down, here we use iPads with a simple pdf file showcasing out menu. Our menu extends all the way from India, Mexico, France, Irish, Japanese going all the way to Spain.

There is also a fine dining space that is air conditioned with a few tables. This is good for a special evening or dinner with important people.

All this apart, the 1st thing you will notice will be the gigantic coffee cup in the corner. It is not just for show, it is a seating area. Perfect for couples and those who wish to have a cozy conversation and evening. We also do up the place and change the menu a bit depending on the season. For Diwali, Christmas we add a certain festive charm to the place with small events scheduled through the season. During the IPL matches, we have a large screen set up and customers can watch the match live while they have a bite to eat.

Another aspect that sets us apart from other places is that we are open from 11am to 11pm, good for those late evening hunger pangs or dinner post a movie. We also have quite a few funky seating arrangements like toad stools and the coffee cup. It is fun to watch people try these out, and they have a fun time balancing, clicking photographs but always enjoy the experience.

What is the food here like?

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We offer a range of beverages – iced tea, coffee, shakes and more. Talking about food, you will find Poulet Champignon [chicken cooked in French style] to Quesadilla [Mexican], sesame teriyaki fish [Japanese] and cannelloni [Italian] as well. Our portions are fairly decent size, enough for a person who has a large appetite. Moving on to desserts, we offer strawberry cheesecake, chocoholic cake and few others as well. All the dishes are made in house and made to order.

Who are your customers?

We have school kids to professionals frequenting us on a regular basis. There are also the expats and officer goers from this area who come over for a bite. Over the weekend, we have a lot of families with children enjoying the outdoor area.

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