Dhanshika has her kitty full!

She has about eight movies in her kitty now, including Uru, a thriller.
Dhanshika has her kitty full!

Post Kabali, there is nothing to stop Sai Dhanshika’s growth. The actress has been getting good roles after her stint alongside Rajinikanth. She has about eight movies in her kitty now, including Uru, a thriller. She will also be seen alongside Dulquer Salmaan in a bilingual movie titled Solo.

‘Irrespective of mature characters or older roles, I still want to listen to the script and if it is good, I give my nod,’ said the Kabali girl.

Speaking about her upcoming movie Uru, Dhanshika said, ‘Many have misconstrued Uru as a horror thriller. But, it is a psychological thriller and I play the wife of a struggling writer essayed by Kalaiyarasan. I have undergone several hardships both physically and mentally since the movie was shot in Kodaikanal during December at 4°C,.’

Dhanshika Inner

She added, ‘When director Vicky approached me with the script, he said he kept me in mind and wrote the script. It feels heartwarming when filmmakers say that they are writing scripts for me. I thank them for the kind of trust they have in me. That gives me more drive to accept challenging roles.’

On her future projects, she said, ‘I am doing a Tamil- Telugu film Vaalu Jada in which I play a physical trainer, who is socially-inclined and motivates women. Directed by Ramana, the film is about women empowerment and he has done vast research on the subject for the last seven years. Then there is the Kannada-Telugu film Udgharshana with Anoop Takur Singh directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. In Tamil, I have Uru, Kaalakoothu and Kaatthadi all awaiting release.’

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