Different colours of lake Biwa!

Japan's picture perfect waterbody shown in rainbow colours!
Different colours of lake Biwa!

For the first time, all the seven colors of a rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple, have been brought out through a music video.

Biwako or Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. Located in Shiga Prefecture it is part of the Kansai region, which is in the western part of Japan’s main island.

In order to promote tourism, The Biwako Visitors Bureau has released a video titled ‘Rainbow-Colored, Beautiful SHIGA: Shiga – Biwako.’

Shiga Inner

Various locations from around Shiga have been put together in this video to depict a day full of color. Many famous spots appear in the video, ranging from the sight of Shirahige Shrine painted red by the setting sun to the blanket of green lotus leaves in Kohoku Mizudori Park. The video shows these wonderfully picturesque Shiga locations in vivid, rainbow colors.

The music in the video includes samples taken from the waves of Lake Biwa and was produced by world-renowned composer Marihiko Hara.

The camera used for this project was the SONY alpha model from SONY, Japan’s representative camera brand.

You can also view the sightseeing locations that appear in this video on the Biwako Visitors Bureau’s ‘SHIGA Tourism Official Website.’ Web URL: http://en.biwako-visitors.jp/

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