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Dogs can now travel in Rajdhani Express

Dogs can now travel in Rajdhani Express

Dogs can now travel in Rajdhani Express

If you think dogs can’t travel by train or flight, you are mistaken. Jet Airways and Air India allow dogs to travel, but they have to be crate-trained and Rajdhani allows dogs to travel too.  Here is the story of a dog named Ginger, who had a nice journey in Rajdhani. She travelled in a closed door cabin and her family had booked four seats for three people so that there was umpteen space for her to settle down and rest. Ginger also had a health check-up with a vet and one day before Ginger’s people had to apply for a written application to the Parcel office to request for a cabin at the Central Railway station.

It is not a simple procedure to take a dog in the train. Ginger’s family also ensured that Ginger was not overfed during the journey, walked the dog before the journey so that Ginger was not hyper during the journey, they also ensured that Ginger had a few toys to play with during the journey. They made sure that their pet had lots of fresh water and always kept an eye on Ginger.

Rajdhani Railway officials and station officials are friendly and supportive people. They cooperated well with Ginger’s family and made them understand the process. The ticket for Ginger came to 633 INR and Ginger was very excited throughout his journey. This journey of a dog in Rajdhani is a piece of unusual information for us so we can imagine how different it must have been for the dog to experience the journey. However, it looks like Ginger didn’t have a bad time after all the planning by Ginger’s family.

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