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The dos and don’ts to stay slim and trim!

The dos and don’ts to stay slim and trim!

The dos and don'ts to stay slim and trim!

People who fall under the obese category are not those who lack awareness of food habits, but not resisting is the main reason for their condition, say clinical nutritionists. Here is a list of dos and don’ts for a healthy life.

Age group for obese

There is no particular age group of people that becomes overweight. Right from children to old people, everyone who does not have proper intake of food suffers from obesity. To be more accurate, BPO workers, IT people tend to suffer more due to the nature of their work.

Percentage of nutritional values intake

It is advised that ideally, 50 per cent of your total calorie should be from carbohydrates, 30 per cent from good fat and 20 per cent from protein. Further, break-up the carbo intake as 80 per cent complex and the rest, simple carbohydrates.

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Balance of protein and fat

Fat should be a mixture of mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in equal proportions. Protein, according to one’s choice, can be a combination of fish, egg whites or nuts, pulses and dhal along with milk products (restrict to 300 ml/day). Achieve 30 g of fibre intake a day by eating five servings of vegetables (a mixture of cooked and raw) and seasonal fruits.

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Active lifestyle

The best formula for healthy living is to match calorie intake with physical activity every day. A brisk walk for 30-45 minutes daily, simple warm-up exercises and yoga will serve well. Physical workouts six days a week is highly recommended.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to lead a healthy life. We should always bear in mind that moderation is the mantra for healthy eating. Moreover, small meals at regular intervals, proper chewing of food, choosing unprocessed foods and detoxifying the blood (bowel rest) once a week, are simple tips for good health.

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