Down the Rabbit hole!

Located in RA Puram, this resto-bar is small with only six tables!
Down the Rabbit hole!

Down the Rabbit hole!

With many resto bars closing their shutters due to liquor ban along highways, the Velveteen Rabbit has taken advantage of this opportunity to establish itself as a regular ‘to go’ for Chennaites.

Located in RA Puram, this resto-bar is small with only six tables. The place is usually less crowded on weekdays but it would be wise to book a table in advance to avoid any hassle. The food menu is small but the taste is great.

Velveteen Rabbit’s best is its thin crust pizzas. The chicken tikka with blue cheese and margarita thin crust pizza oozed with melted cheese are a must try. The pepperoni and fresh figs is a celebration in the mouth. There is a wide range of liquor to choose from as well.

Bar Inner

What is unique about this place is their beer cocktails. Taking classic cocktails like Pina Colada or Long Island Iced Tea and adding beer instead of hard liquor is a twist for sure. These drinks are blended to perfection and are affordable.

The ambiance is very felicitous and service punctual. This can be one of my best bars in Chennai. Don’t go expecting for a dance floor, as the Velveteen Rabbit is clearly not for party animals.

The Velveteen Rabbit is surely becoming a hot spot for binge drinking.

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