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Drinking your Green Tea at the right time!

Drinking your Green Tea at the right time!

Drinking your Green Tea at the right time!

You have heard about the goodness and health benefits of drinking green tea. It’s also said that prevent cancer, reduce weight gain, and diabetes. Green tea can even soothe inflammatory bowel disease and lower high cholesterol. Green Tea mostly from Japan and China. Did you know there’s more than one kind? Here’s 10 Types and the right time to drink green tea.

Green Tea From Japan

Matcha & Holija


Matcha has become the latest food trend in the West. It’s a Japanese tea and has being used for many centuries in traditional ceremonies. It’s rich in theanine, an amino acid that makes you relaxed yet mentally alert. It’s also a great substitute for coffee if you are thinking to avoid caffeine in your daily intake.


The level of caffeine is comparatively low than most other green teas. This is because hojicha is roasted at a high temperature. It’s a great idea to drink this when you are stressed or anxious. It’s very relaxing, thus the best time to drink would be after meals or bedtime.Genmaicha & Sancha


Same as hojicha, genmaicha will make you feel peaceful. The flavour of this green tea is mild, great to go with heavier meals.


Sencha is also called as “everyday” tea because it can be consumed any time of the day.  In Japan, this is the most widely consumed tea. If you like to pair it with chocolate for a healthy sweet treat.

Gyokura Tea Final


Similar to matcha, gyokuro is also rich in theanine. It’s an ideal for a morning drink, because of the higher content of caffeine. You can also drink when you feel sluggish or fatigued.

Green Teas From China

Gun Powder & Dragonwell


As the name spells Gunpowder green tea this boosts your energy. Consume this as a morning drink or when you need a pick-me-up.

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During summer consuming this drink is a great choice. Because it’s believed to have a cooling effect on the body. Thus it will make you feel calm and composed.

Green Snail & Snowly Mountain

 Green Snail Spring

You wanna relax or rest, pick some green snail spring tea. Its caffeine content is very low with a crisp taste.

Snowy Mountain Jian

Its favourite among Black tea drinkers because of it’s rich and pungent. It’s one of the more invigorating green teas out there.
Lucky Dragon Tea Final

 Lucky Dragon

This as a fuller flavour than most other green teas. It tastes sunny and bright. Consume this tea while you work or when you relax at home.


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