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Kailash Parbat banks on innovative to attract youngsters

The first thing you see when you enter Kailash Parbat are the luggage cases that are transformed into shelves. Located on Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram, the restaurant has given a twist to the traditional dishes in an effort to attract the ‘young crowd’.

First on the list is watermelon margarita. A refreshing drink, the only way to describe this drink would be to say it is never ending. Crushed ice mixed with watermelon with a large pulp of the fruit at the bottom with a hint of mint is what makes the drink whole. Needless to say, it is one drink that survived through the meal with no refills and definitely a boon to this summer.

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Then comes pani puri tacos with chipotle water. The puri looks extremely appetizing and the taste takes you by surprise. With mayo and tomato as the only ingredient in the puri and chipotle sauce mixed with water it takes a little getting used to the taste but once you do, you won’t give it up.     

Next up we have the burnt garlic fondue which is filled with cheese and garlic leaving an uncomfortable taste in your mouth for the rest of the meal. This is one dish, that kind of has a love-hate relationship with. Although it make you stop eating, it makes you go for another bite.

Kailah Parbat’s famous chole baturas made to the table and was too good. Baturas were given a twist with a variety to offer. We opted for the panner and masala baturas. Both leaving wonderful taste in the mouth. Definitely worth fighting over.

In the chaat section, the chowpatty lollipop, basically bhel puri with fondue and fried potato veggies. Those were definitely different and interesting but I’ll take a pass over it I like my bhel puri the traditional way. But the special pav bhaji deserves a mention as they seem to just melt in your mouth. Cheese was a new ingredient that was added to the bhaji. Fondue are a delight but sometimes they just don’t add up to certain flavours. That is something not all ‘young crowd’ is going to like. The restaurant has made a definite twist to its dishes and given a nice tango to the tastebuds.

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