ALTBalaji latest hit ‘GIRGIT’ ups its marketing and promotion game with 11-brand associations!

1. Josh: Short video partner

2. Viral Pitch: Influencer Marketing Partner

3. Invisible Gastronomy Bar: Hospitality partner

4. The Nonsense store: Official Gaming Partner

5. Sasha Eyewear: Official Eyewear Partner

6. Bollywoo: Fashion Merchandise partner

7. Abhibus: Travel Partner

8. Flyrobe: Apparel partner

9. Storytel: Official Audiobook Partner.

10. Growfitter: Fitness Partner

11. Ferns N Petals: Gifting Partner

In a marketing masterstroke for its latest thriller-obsession Girgit; India’s very own homegrown OTT platform ALTBalaji, associates with 11 popular brands that the youth in the country are extremely familiar with. As 80% of ALTBalaji’s audience is less than 35 years of age, the partnerships with these youth-oriented brands enable both ALTBalaji and the brands to broaden their reach. Moreover, the brands cover major areas of interest for the youth, which means that it will increase the show’s visibility, further growing the curiosity of the youth, which would, in turn, drive them to watch the show or head to the platform.

The 11 innovative brand associations include Josh, one of the most popular platforms for short format content. This association would give Josh a prominent logo presence on about 170+ screens across the Indian subcontinent on the ALTBalaji creatives for the show. Apart from that, there will be additional features on the creatives on various hoardings and advertisements. In addition, the association led to a hashtag challenge on the app to engage the audience, which is sure to spike interest among the youngsters.

Viral Pitch, an influencer marketing agency, was partnered with an intelligent move as in this day and age, influencers are the way to get through to the youth. The influencers would review and promote the show from ALTBalaji. The digital platform also continues long-standing partnerships with Ferns N Petals as their gifting partner and Flyrobe as their apparel partner with exclusive GIRGIT Collection on their website and stores, clearly indicating that the partnerships have proven beneficial in the past. The show’s launch party was a grand success owing to the footprints of brands like The Nonsense Store, the official gaming partner that kept the guest entertained with their innovative card games and giveaways. Abhibus, the travel partner, also hosted a contest for travel enthusiasts gratified with free bus tickets for their loved ones. Invisible Gastronomy bar – the venue which hosted a neon party in-sync with the show’s theme; Storytel, the official audiobook partner, will soon stream GIRGIT exclusively on their platform.

Growfitter, the fitness partner that push people to watch the show, exercise and win exciting rewards giving one lucky winner a google mini. Each partnership had its unique details, whether it was a digital partnership or giveaways or contests, which eventually and mutually helped the growth of all the brands in the ecosystem. The other brands ALTBalaji has collaborated with are Sasha wear, as eyewear partners did giveaways for media influencers with their vintage earthy and eco-friendly Wooden sunglasses, a few of which were personalized with GIRGIT lines. In addition, Bollywoo, their fashion merchandise partner produced neon glow in the dark Tshirts in tandem with the show and were distributed at the launch party of Girgit.

Ms. Divya Dixit, SVP – Revenue & Marketing, ALTBalaji shares “ALTBalaji has cracked the code to youth engagement. This is evident from multiple success stories with its previous shows as well as our ongoing shows. This multiple brand association model for the promotion of the show Girgit is a new experiment that looks to be working wonders for ALTBalaji as well as the brands that have been partnered with like Josh, Viral Pitch, Flyrobe, Bollywoo and various others. We hope to keep bringing about innovations in the marketing and promotional strategies that can set a benchmark for other players in the industry as well.”

ALTBalaji’s content library consists of various youth shows such as Puncch Beat, Broken But Beautiful, Class of 2020, Crashh, His Storyy and various others spanning across multiple genres like thrillers, romances, drama and more each of which caused quite a buzz and ensured all-round entertainment for the youth. The platform has something for every kind of audience and continues to curate new and unique content for the youth, making such partnerships with other brands like these extremely fruitful.

ALTBalaji’s upcoming line-up comprises shows like Pavitra Rishta which are already causing a stir amongst audiences. This and an already existing library comprising of 89+ originals making ALTBalaji a household name for entertainment in the country

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