Anime and Action! Zee Café brings the perfect combination in the Japanese Anime Viper’s Creed

Anime as a genre has disrupted the viewing habits of Indian audiences. Initially confined to teens, Anime has now become popular across age groups. The adorable characters, the unique art style and the engaging storylines tend to bind the audience and transport them to an all-new land depicted in the shows. Zee Café was on-point to gauge this interest and to best serve the audience it introduced Anime in its programming. To take forward this offering, the channel has now announced its upcoming Anime- Viper’s Creed. Just like the previous presentations, this show will also be available in Hindi along with English from Wednesday 15th March at 2 pm.

Viper’s Creed takes the viewers to the 21st century when the world has been devastated by environmental pollution and world war. Travel by air or sea has been rendered impossible due to failed attempts to mitigate environmental damage. Isolated cities rely on mercenary corporations for protection against terrorism and crime because 35% of the land is now underwater. Fort Daiva City is protected by a private military company called Arqon Global Security. They ride Maneuver-Blades, morphing motorcycles driven by Blademen. Technical assistance for The Blademan is provided by a central command centre operator. As a member of the elite Viper team for Arqon Global Security, Karaya Sakurako serves as an operator with Blademan Saiki Cryde. They are battling a terrorist organisation called Hound that employs unmanned weaponry called Bugmecha that were left behind from a previous conflict.

Watch the thought-provoking action anime Viper’s Creed every weekday, starting this Wednesday at 2 PM only on Zee Café

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