Cactus ki Sabzi- surprising? Chef Ajay and Chef Shipra bring to you the recipe on Chef Vs Fridge Season 2

With discussions on-going on sustainable food, the chefs have started exploring alternate and viable ingredients in their dishes. One such ingredient is the cactus that has the ability to survive in extreme temperatures and drought-struck conditions. The next episode of Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge is based on the theme ‘Food in 2050’ and will see the contestants and the judges provide valuable insights on future culinary.

Adhering to the theme, the boss chiller gives the judges a cactus plant as the key ingredient. The two expert chefs decide to make a sabzi from the ingredient. The two were also seen giving insights on the methods to effectively use the plant. Speaking about the ingredient Chef Shipra and Chef Ajay share, “Cactus is being eaten in India along with a lot of other countries already. In India, it is quite popular in Rajasthan while abroad, it is consumed in Spain and the Mediterranean region. If global warming keeps rising at this pace, we will only be left with options that can survive in extreme conditions and Cactus is one of those.”

Learn the efficient manner of using cactus in food this Sunday on Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 at 8 PM

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