Craving an intriguing thriller film? Privé Stories at 9 brings ‘The Thirteenth Floor’

&PrivéHD has been known for creating viewers’ delight from the start by telecasting the best critically acclaimed films from over the world. The channel has been known to stay at the top of the game by relying on audience demands while planning its programming. Adhering to the new interests of the viewers, the channel recently introduced the property ‘Privé Stories at 9’ that telecasts films based on real-life events or books/novels. This Friday, ‘Privé Stories at 9’ will telecast another engaging and thrilling watch- The Thirteenth Floor based on the book Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye.

Starring Craig Bierko and Armin Mueller-Stahl, the film is the story of a computer scientist (Douglas Hall) who becomes the primary suspect when his colleague and mentor(Hannon Fuller) is murdered. Douglas discovers a bloody shirt in his bathroom and cannot recall what he was doing the night of the murder. The truth is harsher than anybody can ever imagine.

Accompany Douglas in his thrilling journey in ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ this Friday, March 3rd at 9:00 PM only on &PrivéHD

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