Entertainment gets doubled as Amazon miniTV drops the second season of Udan Patolas. Here is why it should be on your long weekend binge list

A long weekend brings with it the chance to cover as many shows and movies as you possibly can. It’s finally the weekend where you can curl up in front of the television without a care in the world and binge watch to your hearts content. While you munch & enjoy recuperating, Amazon miniTVhas launched the much-awaited second season of Udan Patolas, a fun binge watch that should definitely be on the agenda!

Season 2 of the show that is now available to stream on Amazon miniTV, follows the lives of Punni (Apoorva Arora), Lovelle (Sukhmani Sadana), Amrit (Poppy Jabbal), and Noor (Aasttha Ssidana) as they face their ups and downs during their pursuit of making it big in the city of Mumbai.

Without further ado we’ll list down the reasons why this show would make for the perfect binge-watch for this long weekend.

Friendship takes the highway: The maiden season gave us a glimpse of what strong friendship and sisterhood looks like through the journey of Noor, Punni, Lovelle, and Amrit. The second season, however, will take an interesting turn when the Patolas cross paths with some old allies from Punjab. What will happen then? Watch the show to find out!

Double Dose of entertainment: Whether you are planning an all-girls night or a solo binge marathon till you drop, you’re in for treat as the Patolas get even more entertaining . The Patolas cry, laugh, fight, and love harder than ever! Their misadventures in this season are sure to keep you glued to the screen!

It’s free: Free stuff is always good, and you get entertained for absolutely free! ! That’s right, you can stream Udan Patolas for absolutely free within the Amazon shopping app!

So here are all your questions answered. Start binging now and by the end of the holidays, you would start thanking us for this brilliant suggestion!

Watch the trailer here:

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