From Robert De Niro to Kim Cattrall; here are some fun facts about the cast of Lionsgate’s comedy flick ‘About My Father’

The big day is finally here! Lionsgate’s latest theatrical About My Father is now at your nearest theater. With a studded star cast including Robert De Niro, Sebastian Maniscalco, Kim Cattrall, and more, this heartwarming comedy is sure to tickle your funny bone. Be it a relatable storyline or a warm gushy moment – the film has it all. So, to celebrate the release of Laura Terruso and Sebastian Maniscalco’s brainchild; here are some unknown secrets about the glamorous cast of About My Father. Side note; some of them are crazy.

Robert De Niro is autentico italiano

While he may have been born in the United States, the Godfather actor grew up in Little Italy, New York earning the nickname ‘Bobby Milk’ owing to his complexion. The half-Italian, half-Irish actor was even inducted into the Italian-American Hall of Fame in 2002. Having always identified more with his Italian side, De Niro was awarded honorary citizenship by Italy in 2004, despite his multi-cultural background.

Sebastian Maniscalco was a waiter (say whattt)

Did you know, before he decided to venture into the world of stand-up comedy and acting, the American-Italian star was a waiter at the Four Seasons Hotel. He also won Billboard’s 2018 Comedian of the Year and has six comedy specials to his name. What you may not know is Sebastian has written a best-selling memoir called ‘Stay Hungry’

Kim Cattrall is the true IT girl

Is it really a surprise that Kim Cattrall was named Ultimate Icon by Cosmopolitan magazine? The ‘Sex and the City’ actress is not only used to dropping bombs on-screen but also off-screen with her incredible fashion choices. The fashion icon also has two honorary degrees for her contribution to the dramatic arts.

Leslie Bibb the model or Leslie Bibb the actor?

Prior to becoming an actor, Leslie was a model, and model she did! At 16 she won Oprah’s modeling competition on her show in 1990. This modeling win jump-started her career, giving her multiple modeling and eventually acting opportunities. She is also a strong supporter of Friends of El Faro, a non-profit organization that helps raise money for a Mexican orphanage.

Anders Holm puts on one too many hats! Juggler much

Anders is a man of many talents – Actor, comedian, writer, producer, and even DAD. He seems to be the co-creator of many things and we don’t just mean his kid. He starred in and co-created the hit Comedy Central show ‘Workaholics’. He even joined fellow comedian Mindy Kaling as the lead in her show ‘The Mindy Project’.

~Comedy, drama, and hilarious misadventures – Lionsgate released Robert De Niro’s About My Father in theaters on 26th May~

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