Godaam Is Based On Farmers Plight Says Sujeet Pratap Singh

Film producer Sujeet Pratap Singh says his next release, Godaam, chronicles the plight of farmers and the nation, it narrates the black-marketing rackets which are rampant across the nation.

The film is produced by Sujeet Pratap Singh and written, directed by Akhil Gaurav Singh and Akksar Allahabadi, starring Sujeet Pratap Singh, Master Ritwik Pratap Singh, Akhil Gaurav Singh, Vipin Panigrahi, Maya Jaiswal, Akksar Allahabadi, Sunny Upadhyay, Shayna Khan, Arun Shukla and others.

Talking about the film, Sujet Pratap Singh said, “Somewhere amid all the commercialization and technological advancements, we’re losing the true essence of our land. India is losing its identity in terms of values, morals, and culture. The reality of the matter is we are forgetting our culture, whatever is left of real India is in villages, in big cities, you don’t see nothing Indian”

“Black marketing of food, see the entire food base, be it vegetables, cereal, or anything else is grown by the farmer, but he lacks the infrastructure to store it, hence the big landlords or food business owners, try and take advantage of the situation. If the farmer had the proper storage facility for the food he grows, he’d make a profit on it, rather than die in despair” added Singh.

The story revolves around a small-time farmer, happy and content though financially beaten up. He is in love with a girl next door, ‘Haldi’. But her father is not happy about it due to his financial situation. Girl father puts a condition on the boy. If he fulfils his demand, then he will allow them to marry.

Meantime a government officer arrives to inspect the developments of the village. The story slowly unfolds the truth behind the development of the village and how the love birds get their love life.

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