’Helping Each Other Will Improve Our Condition In This Pandemic Says Anupam Kher

Veteran actor Anupam Kher who stepped out for the ration-kit distribution initiative in Aramanagar, says that in these pandemic times, we need to help each other, this will improve our conditions. Anupam Kher along with Ajay Kaul, Aramnager Tenants Welfare Association and Ekta Manch team kick-started the ration-kits distribution program for the needy in Mumbai.

Talking about the initiative and praising the efforts of the teams, Anupam Kher said, “Certain deeds are hard to explain in words. Ajay Kaul along with members of Aramnager Tenants Welfare Association and Ekta Manch is doing an excellent job, which cannot be praised in words”

“Everyone has a heart within themselves, which beats for itself but it is also important that it beats for others as well. And this team has shown today that their heartbeats more for others than themselves, the team is distributing food to the needy. I got to be a small part of this praiseworthy initiative, I am happy about it”

Anupam also parted with some much-needed advice for people, he said, “If every citizen in his own way starts helping others, it will improve the condition of people in this pandemic time. See, we cannot replace loved ones in someone’s life, but in the name of humanity, we can at least let this message reach to them that there are good people out in this world, people like Ajay Kaul, who can be a messiah for them in dire times”.

Recently, Anupam Kher joined an online fundraising concert ‘Ek Saath-India Will Rise Again’, where a host of celebs from the tinsel town will perform and address the nation.

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