If Salman Khan Thinks I Did A Good Job, My Life Is Set Says Palak Tiwari

Newbie Palak Tiwari who visited the Bigg Boss 15 show hosted by Salman Khan to promote her new hit single Bijlee Bijlee, says that Tiger actor praising his song means her life is set.

Bigg Boss 15 saw some amazing performances on the 31st December mega show, where Palak Tiwari, Dharmendra, Shekhar Ravjiani, Jannat Zubair, Siddhart Nigam and a lot more performed.

Superstar Salman Khan praised Palak Tiwari for her new song Bijlee Bijlee with Harddy Sandhu.

When team NewsHelpline asked Palak was her experience and winning praises from Salman Khan, she said, “Bigg Boss 15 was an amazing experience, it is such an energetic set and Salman Khan is just fantastic. I am so glad that the audience loved the song, I am so glad the audience loved the song as much as I loved the song, and I am honestly grateful for the love and appreciation”

“Salman Khan is a mega-star and if he thinks I did a good job, so I think my life is pretty much set now” added Palak.

Bigg Boss 15 finale is around the corner and Palak Tiwari finds Tejasswi is really entertaining. She said, “Tejasswi is sweet, I like her, but I haven’t been following the show, so I cannot really pick one, but I like Tejasswi, she is really nice and sweet”

Palak Tiwari also added that corona cases are on the rise, and she is really scared, she said, “I am looking forward to 2022, but my only issue is that the covid-19 is again on the rise, and I am really scared. Everyone hopes for a good year, and I am hoping the same. My resolution this year is to stay healthy, be safe and keep my family safe”

Palak Tiwari will soon make her Bollywood debut with Rosie – The Saffron Chapter.

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