Interview with Chetan Sharma | Moj

What was the driving force that made you step into the theatre world?

I never wanted to be typecast in a white-collar job. I was always inclined towards doing something creative. I wanted to live the lives of many characters, delve into their psyche and help them come alive through me. I thought theatre was an excellent medium to project various characters. It was like living many lives in one life. It gave me a platform for self-expression.

How was it like to work with Gulzarji and SalimArif?

I am privileged to have worked with Gulzarji, SalimArif sir, SwanandKirkireji, Mohammed Zeeshan among others. It was an amazing experience. They are such humble people despite being such celebrated artists. You not only learn the finer nuances of art from them but also many life lessons. I feel honoured that I could be in their presence as a student and work on my skills as an actor.

How much does theatre and acting mean to you?

It is my motivation to get up every morning. It means everything to me. It infuses novelty in my life. It is what I look forward to every day. Theatre is the foundation of the skills I possess as an actor today. It helps me to see a different perspective other than my own, gives me my self-confidence and self-discipline.

How did you combat the COVID-19 phase when it tragically hit the theatre world?

Covid -19 made me turn to social media and I am happy that it connected me to Moj. It gave me an opportunity to explore other media of self-expression, bring my skills as an actor to these media, polish those skills every day to reach a wider audience and make me more actively accountable to my followers.

When and how did you find Moj as an effective platform?

It was during Covid -19 that I trained my sights on social media and Moj gradually became my favourite platform. I could express my inner creativity and also get recognition for it. I became absorbed by its enormity- I could reach millions through this platform! This gave me an opportunity to explore my skills in a wider framework, through various lenses and challenges, adding a new dimension to the whole acting framework within which I was used to working.

What was your initial thought when you started creating content?

I have always hustled with the aim to make a name. I want people to know me through my work. This is the driving force behind my content creation. I want people to know me as an artist who creates a variety of content, has an open imagination and has an unbridled determination.

How creative one should be when it comes to creating unique content?

I believe there is no limit to creativity. Each one has a unique way to express it. We just need to give flight to our imagination and let it soar. Any art is most dynamic when the imagination of the artist is fully engaged. Besides, it is incredibly fun to create new stories and present them to your followers, gauge their reactions and soak in their love.

How is it like to be one of the popular content creators on Moj?

It is a very satisfying feeling. At the same time, it does not allow you to be complacent. You keep hustling harder. You know you have a responsibility towards your viewers. They have certain expectations from you and you have an obligation to fulfil them. If you have given them a taste of your art, your fare better be palatable for them to enjoy it! That is to say, hard work really has no substitute.

What change did you experience when you start using the Moj app?

I started getting recognised for my hard work. My creativity was visible to a larger audience and this has been very fulfilling. Each day I get up to new followers, new comments and a whole lot of love. It is very satisfying and at the same time keeps you very focused. You can’t let your followers down.

What would you say for those who aspire to take their career path as theatre artists?

One should always follow one’s dream, be it theatre, singing, art – whatever keeps you happy and going. Theatre is a wonderful medium of self-expression. It takes time to achieve success there but the journey is worth taking! And often the journey is the destination.

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