Justin Narayan brings his Indian and Fijian culture in his preparations and leaves the judges and audiences wanting more, new episodes release only on Disney+ Hotstar

As the competition gets tighter and more intense, MasterChef Australia Season 13, streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is currently witnessing a culinary battle among four contestants fighting for the coveted trophy. Justin Narayan is arguably one of the best contestants that have emerged from MasterChef Australia Season 13, who has managed to impress the judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo with his innovation and expertise despite learning from a home kitchen. Justin, who is a first-gen Australian with Fijian and Indian heritage, started cooking at the age of 13 while learning from his family members. His Fijian and Indian roots inspire his culinary skills. According to him, his mother is the best cook he has ever met, but Justin also draws inspiration from Gaggan Anand and Gordon Ramsay.

In his time at MasterChef Australia Season 13, Justin has gathered a huge fan following, not just for his culinary skills, but also his calm composure in high-pressure situations. He aims to get experience in a professional kitchen and hopes someday he has his own cookery show like the ones he used to watch with his grandparents. Let’s take a look at some of Justin’s best creations on the show so far:

Noodle Taco

Justin gave a spin to the classic tacos by making them with…noodles. The preparation blew the judges minds and left the audiences wanting to try it out themselves too. This preparation went viral! This also led him to take the first spot in the Top 10 of the season.

Charcoal Rooster With Toum, Flatbread and Pickle Salad

This is Justin’s favourite dish and its preparation jogs his memory back to the good times creating this and having a good time with his friends. When he prepared this recipe, the judges agreed to Charcoal Rooster With Toum being a fantastic pick to present his skill in the competition.

Indian Rooster Curry, Crispy Rooster Pores and skin and an Apple and Cucumber Pickle

Narayan doesn’t let the judges or the audiences forget that he is half Indian. He took a simple Indian classic and presented it with a spin. The Indian rooster curry, crispy rooster pores is quite a hit with the audiences too.

Spiced Candy Potato Taco

For all his vegetarian fans, Justin presented a scrumptious dish made out of spiced candy potato and made tacos from that. This, too, became a huge hit with the audiences and left people on Instagram recreating versions of the same.

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