Measure Of Revenge, Starring Melissa Leo And Bella Thorne

Vertical Entertainments drops the first official trailer for a thriller titled Measure of Revenge, revolving around a mother seeking revenge. The film marks the feature directorial debut of Peyfa.

The film stars Melissa Leo, Bella Thorne, Jake Weary, Roma Maffia, Benedict Samuel, Adrian Martinez, and Michael Potts.

Melissa Leo as Lillian Cooper stars as a Broadway actress who is making her final on-stage appearance when her famous son, Curtis, is found dead. When his death is ruled as an accidental overdose, a suspicious Lillian decides to take matters into her own hands.

On a quest for answers, she strikes up an unlikely alliance with her son’s drug dealer, Taz, setting in motion a bloody warpath to uncover the truth and punish the people who killed her son. Her revenge story is inspired by characters she’s played on stage in her career.

The measure of Revenge, earlier titled Leave Not One Alive, the film is slated for the 18th March 2022 release.

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