One Take Nonstop Action, Carter Trailer Is Out

Netflix drops the official trailer for the thrilling real-time action film titled Carter, a mind-boggling nonstop, one-take film and follows the story of a man who has lost his memory.

Thrown into a mysterious operation, “Carter” must reclaim his identity and successfully finish his mission on time in this one-scene, one-cut action film. Carter must complete in his mission and head North to find the girl and save her.

Directed by Jung Byung-gil, the badass action movie stars Joo Won, Lee Sung-jae, Jeong So-ri, and Kim Bo-min.

Two months into a deadly pandemic originating from the DMZ that has devastated both the US and North Korea, “Carter” awakens, with no recollections of his past.

In his head is a mysterious device, and in his mouth, a lethal bomb. A strange voice in his ears gives him orders. The bomb may go off at any time — unless he rescues the girl who is the sole antidote to the virus. But the CIA and a North Korean coup are hot on his heels.

The screenplay is written by Byeong-sik Jung and Byung-gil Jung. Produced by Apeitda Production based in Korea.

Netflix will debut Byung-gil Jung’s Carter streaming worldwide starting 5th August, 2022.

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