Padma Shri awardee – Bimal Kumar Jain praises the cast of ‘Ek Mahanayak – Dr B.R. Ambedkar’

The immensely popular show on Indian television, &TV’s Ek Mahanayak – Dr B. R. Ambedkar, continues to be the audience’s favourite for its compelling storyline and strong characters. Speaking of fans, recently, the cast and crew were in for a surprise when Padma Shri awardee Bimal Kumar, known for his remarkable work as a social worker, visited the show’s set in Mumbai. Bimal Kumar has been an avid follower of the show since its inception in Dec 2019. This is what Padma Shri Bimal Kumar had to say about his recent visit to the show’s sets. “Being a social worker and an art lover, Ek Mahanayak – Dr B.R. Ambedkar captured my attention from day one. What stands out about the show are its characters, dialogues, screenplay, scenes, and most importantly, its storyline, which narrates the life story of Babasaheb, one of India’s greatest social reformers. The writer of the show is doing a fabulous job. It continues to be one of my favourite shows on Indian television. I never miss an episode, and my entire family watches it fervently. I wanted to meet the cast and congratulate the entire team in person for a long time. I was given a warm welcome and shown around the sets. It was wonderful interacting with the actors, who narrated their journey on the show to me and even thanked me for my love and support. I want to thank Bhimrao (Atharva), Ramji Sakpal (Jagganath Nivangune), Ramabai (Narayani Mahesh Varne), along with the rest of the cast and the show’s director, who truly made me feel at home and spent considerable time with me. I convey my best wishes to the entire team.”

On meeting an ardent fan, Atharva, essaying young Bhimrao’s role, said, “It is our audience’s love and affection that motivate us. It gives us a sense of pride and achievement when our audience and fans praise our work and efforts. Meeting Bimal Kumar Jain Ji, the prestigious Padma Shri awardee for his social work, was truly an honour. He is very humble, soft-spoken, and forthcoming. He felicitated us with Angavastram of famous Madhubani painting shawls and spoke at length about the show and our work. I feel fortunate to get this opportunity to essay young Babasaheb’s role and be a part of this immensely popular and inspiring show.” Jagganath Nivangune essaying Ramji Sakpal’s role, added, “Meeting our fans and viewers in person makes us very happy as we get the first-hand account of their response to our work. I feel so glad and proud to see the great response to the show and how, over time, it has become the audience’s favourite. It was a big moment for us to meet Padma Shri awardee Bimal Kumar Jain Ji, who is immensely respected for his social work and came to meet us all the way. I want to thank him for his encouraging and kind words. It was wonderful meeting him.”

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