Privé Stories at 9 brings a hilarious watch ‘Death at a Funeral’

A story of the family debacle, a watch that is intriguing as well ask hilarious. &PrivéHD has been known to bring premieres of critically acclaimed films from over the world. In accordance with audiences’ interests, the channel has now introduced a new programming segment ‘Privé Stories at 9’ and this Friday at 9 PM, the channel brings a story of mishaps in Death at a Funeral. Starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Keith David in pivotal roles, the film is based on a funeral ceremony that turns into a debacle of exposed family secrets and misplaced bodies.

When a dysfunctional family comes together to bury a loved one, chaos reigns. While cousin Martha (Daisy Donovan) and her fiancé Simon (Alan Tudyk) are anxious to make a good impression on her father, son Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen) anticipates a confrontation with his renowned brother Robert (Rupert Graves). A mysterious visitor poses a threat to exhume the deceased’s skeleton in the midst of the family’s strife.

Laughter is not gonna stay away as you watch ‘Death at a Funeral’ this Friday, February 24th at 9:00 PM only on &PrivéHD

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