&PrivéHD brings back Prive World Box Office; to premiere Japanese Anime Paprika in the first week

&PrivéHD’s Prive World Box Office has been highly appreciated by the viewers over the years. The property brings to the viewers the premieres of critically acclaimed films from across the world in their original language. This year, the theme is closer to home as Prive World Box Office will bring premieres in Asian languages and to start with, the Friday, it will host the premiere of Japanese Anime film Paprika. The film premieres at 9:00 PM on 24th March with repeats running till next Thursday.

Japanese Anime wave has engulfed the country in the recent times. Their work of art is being loved by all generations and hence to celebrate this love, &PrivéHD begins the show this time with Paprika. Three scientists at a Foundation for Psychiatric Research fail to secure a device they’ve invented. Thr device that allows people to record and watch their dreams. A thief uses the device to enter people’s minds, when awake, and distract them with their own dreams and those of others. Chaos ensues. The trio – Chiba, Tokita, and Shima – assisted by a police inspector and by a sprite named Paprika must try to identify the thief as they ward off the thief’s attacks on their own psyches. Dreams, reality, and the movies merge, while characters question the limits of science.

Ride the Anime wave and watch Paprika premiering this Friday at 9 PM with repeats running all week till next Thursday only on &PrivéHD

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