Teaser Of You Is Out, Feat. Armaan Malik And Emma Declercq

Singer and composer Armaan Malik drops the teaser for his latest English single titled ‘You’. The track talks about the warm fuzzy feeling of finding a special someone and simmering in their thoughts.

The song titled You is crooned by Armaan Malik, it is composed by Armaan Malik and Jack Edwards, and written by Edwards, Natania Lalwani and Felicia Ferraro.

The song is about finding a person, the one you’re willing to take that leap of faith for. It defines the magic of true, butterfly-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. But also the kind of love that will make you want to fight all odds, and everything life throws at you, as long as you’ve got each other.

The song features Armaan Malik and Emma Declercq, and it is shot beautifully in Paris and across other exotic European locales.

The song, presented by Arista Records (Sony Music USA), sung by Armaan Malik, will be globally available on YouTube and across streaming platforms on January 7.

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