The sci-fi anime Ultraviolet Code 044 now also in Hindi only on Zee Café

Although anime had always been popular in India, its following has tremendously begun to soar post the pandemic. India presently has a rapidly expanding anime community. Zee Café accurately predicted this desire and decided to bring anime to the fans. The channel has previously brought some of the most interesting anime’s to the country including Valkriya Chronicles and Marvel Anime. So, now you know where to find your favorite Anime’s, right? This week the channel is all set to bring Ultraviolet: Code 044 which is set in the year 044 of the next millennium also in Hindi starting Thursday 23rd March at 2:00PM. The protagonist of the narrative is a little child named 044 who was genetically modified to be the ultimate killer. When she is assigned to a mission to kill a group of terrorists, she starts to wonder what her role in life is.

By employing a virus to manipulate genes, Ultraviolet code 044 becomes the most combat-effective female soldier. But as a price for her talents, her days are numbered. The government’s next task is to eliminate Phage, a murderous team, and King, its leader. She runs upon Luka, a Phage soldier, during the combat but is unable to kill him. She questions why, but Daxus Jr., the government group’s leader, sees her as a traitor as a result both Phage and the government are after her, so she flees with the injured Luka.

Watch an intriguing science-fiction anime Ultraviolet code 004 every weekday, starting this Thursday at 2 PM only on Zee Café.

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