Wildflower Trailer Is Out

Momentum Pictures dropped the trailer for the family comedy title Wildflower, helmed by Matt Smukler.

A coming-of-age film that follows Bea from birth to graduation as she navigates life with neurodivergent parents and an extended family who can’t quite agree on the best way to help.

The film stars Jean Smart, Jacki Weaver, Kiernan Shipka, Dash Mihok, Charlie Plummer, Alexandra Daddario, Brad Garrett, Reid Scott, Erika Alexander, and Samantha Hyde.

Wildflower is a hilarious big-hearted celebration of family in all its variety, focusing on a young woman named Bea (Kiernan Shipka). It is about growing up too fast and slowing down enough to recognize one’s good fortune.

Bea feels obliged to take care of her parents. She gets a job doing pool maintenance and, though she is an exceptional student, she ignores the pleas of her high school guidance counsellor to apply to colleges that would take her away from home.

The screenplay is written by Jana Savage, the film is slated for 21st March 2023 release.

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