You ought to relate yourself in each frame of this musical excellence ‘Fidaa,’ by Machaao Music ’


This fantastic song ‘Fidaa,’ has been created by the composer and vocalist Dharampreet Gill who has already given a few numbers that are your 3 a.m. streams knowingly, or unknowingly. The leading lady Shivya Pathania, on the other hand, is a popular face of television. She brings warmth and serenity to the music video as soon as she enters the frame. Their chemistry is to look out for, like a cute love angle we miss from our college days.

Machaao Music has produced this beautiful number and released the same on a popular Punjabi label, Yellow Music, citing the language of the song.

Speaking about launching Fidaa, Shivya Patania says, “I enjoyed essaying this character, which is very different from what I have done earlier. Audiences are used to seeing the conventional side of love on-screen but Fidaa showcases a completely different shade of love, which I am sure will be entertaining for the viewers to see. Machaao Music is as close to me as the producers of the company, so working with them was like a holiday with my family.”

Directed by Piyush Jain, the theme of the song as per him is ‘I wanted to explore old school romance, where things are slow and cute. You don’t necessarily need things to be on the face. Light and healthy flirting sometimes just works. Hosanna vibes to be precise.’

The song has been produced by Meet Ahir, Dharampreet Gill, Hitendra Kapopara and Piyush Jain.

Enjoy this marvellous piece of music on YouTube now.

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